About MG Facility

Scope and Objective

JAMIC was longest and best quality of microgravity facility (g-level=10^-5 G, duration=10 s) in the world and located Kamisnagawa in Hokkaido. Unfortunately now JAMIC is closed and no substitution is planned to be built at Hokkaido area. Since JAMIC has gone, it has been our hope to have the similar facility nearby here at Hokkaido and HASTIC put much energy on to find any chance to have such ones. Finally, with huge supports and understandings from domestic companies, we have built 3.0 s drop tower at AKABIRA district, where is 2 hours drive from our laboratory (Hokkaido Univ.).
This microgravity facility is essentially OPEN TO EVERYBODY who is interested in the short term microgravity experiment to enhance microgravity science. From application point of view, microgravity environment (which could avoid the buoyancy-induced transport processes) is useful to look for the naturally-masked physical processes and it could contribute to understand the interesting phenomena deeply. With use of microgravity environment, many researches have been conducted in various fields; for example, combustion, fluid dynamics, material synthesis, crystal growth, bio etc. Recently microgravity environment is open to high-school or junior-high to build scientific stimulation.
Experiment cost would be greatly reduced for the sake of our sponsors' kindness. It is our pleasure everybody applies this appotunity and have fun and useful data to increase scientific motivation each other.



micro-g time: ~3.0s (corresponds to 50m drop)
micro-g quality: 10^-3 G
Payload Size: 500mm x 800mm (diameter x length)
Total Weight: 400kg
Capsule Type: With Inner Capsule
User Limitation: NO (open to everybody)

Website: HASTIC